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About the company

Quality Management



B.Norbutiene’s private company KAPRATAS was established in 1993. The activity has begun by renting a single-seater trailer for automobile transportation (truck). Rent activity gradually expanded. Eventually, with the help of four single-seater and seven double-seater rental trucks we stored the capital and purchased the first auto carrier.

In 1994 we obtained the first eight-seater autotransporter for automobile transportation. The first route was Germany-Lithuania-Germany. We transported only used automobiles. Gradually, the automobile park expanded and the geography of haulages changed: Latvia, Estonia, Belarus.

We specialize in providing technical truck services and can perform their major repairs in our own truck service that was established in 1995.

In 1996 we started transportation of new automobiles.

In 1998 we started rendering services throughout Europe (Spain, Portugal, and others) and Russia. KAPRATAS joined in Lithuanian National Road Carriers' Association LINAVA.

In 2000 we purchased a new truck Mercedes Benz Actros that met the requirements of EURO 3 standard.

In 2001 we bought brand-new auto carriers Mercedes Benz with specially fitted Lohr equipment.

In 2002 our autotransporters reached Moldavia and Kazakhstan. KAPRATAS became a member of ECG (European Car-Transport Group of Interest). We changed the location from Sporto str. to Gamyklu str. 9. Now our office, service and automobile washing saloon are located in one place.

In 2003 KAPRATAS received the International Quality Control Certificate ISO 9001:2000. We started routes to Kirghizia. We also started rendering new transportation services: automobile haulage by railway transport and clearance-free vehicle haulage.

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